Galvalume Steel

What is Galvalume Steel

Galvalume steel  is a metal material with good corrosion resistance. Its surface is coated with a layer of aluminium-zinc alloy coating. Galvalume coating can effectively prevent the corrosion of steel and extend its service life. Galvalume steel is generally referred to as GL steel,Widely used in construction, automotive, home appliances, power and other fields, such as roofs, walls, automotive shells, refrigerator side panels, power towers, etc.

Common products: Galvalume steel coil, galvalume steel sheet, galvalume steel roofing, galvalume steel siding, and so on. According to statistics 30 ~ 35% of the products of galvalume steel plate are painted for the roof and walls of the building.

Galvalume Coil

GL Steel Coil

Galvalume sheet

GL Steel Sheet

Galvalume roof

GL Steel Roofing

Why use Galvalume Steel

—The difference between Galvanized Steel and Galvalume Steel:

1. Composition difference

1. Galvanized steel: Galvanized steel sheet is a layer of zinc coated on the surface of the steel sheet to play an anticorrosion and beautification role. The galvanized layer is mainly composed of an alloy of zinc and iron. The surface of the galvanized steel sheet presents a silvery white or light gray appearance, is not easy to rust, and has good durability.

2. Galvalume Steel: Galvalume Steel is an alloy layer composed of aluminum, zinc, silicon, and other elements coated on the surface of the steel sheet. Compared with galvanized steel sheet, the coating composition of galvanized steel sheet is more uniform, the surface color is brighter, and it has good ductility and plasticity.

2. Appearance color

1. Galvanized steel: Galvanized steel is generally silvery white or grayish white, and the appearance is relatively simple.

2. Galvalume Steel: The appearance of galvanized steel sheet presents a metallic luster, bright and beautiful colors, and can be painted in a variety of colors as needed.

3. Corrosion resistance

1. Galvanized steel: Galvanized Steel can play a very good role in corrosion and oxidation resistance, but under certain environmental conditions, such as long-term exposure to acid rain, salt spray, etc., the zinc layer is susceptible to corrosion and oxidation, resulting in rust and peeling on the surface of the steel sheet.

2. Galvalume Steel: Galvalume Steel is more corrosion-resistant than galvanized steel sheet, not easy to rust and peel, more adaptable, and can be used in more harsh environments.

In general, Galvalume steel is superior to galvanized steel in terms of composition, appearance and corrosion resistance. However, it should be noted that in different applications, the selection of different steel sheet materials should be based on comprehensive considerations such as the use environment, engineering requirements and comprehensive costs.

Galvalume vs Galvanized Steel Price

Generally speaking, aluminized zinc steel will be more expensive. For example, for the same specification, AZ50 galvalume steel will be more expensive than G50 galvanized steel. But GL steel also has a longer service life. Moreover, the price is also influenced by other factors, such as the thickness, width, packaging, etc. And they are suitable for different environments. Welcome to contact us for a free quote.

Galvalume Details

GL Products
Material DX51D+AZ, DX52D+AZ, DX53D+AZ, S220GD-S550GD
Al-Zn Coating AZ30-AZ150
Thickness 0.13 mm-1.2 mm
Width 600-1,250 mm
Coil Weight 3-8 tons or as per your requirements
Aluminum Content 55%
Package Standard Export Package
Galvalume Steel

Galvalume Steel

Galvalume Steel Codes

Chinese Code European Code American Code Japanese Code
DC51D+AZ DX51D+AZ CS type B, type C SGLCC
S250GD+AZ S250GD+AZ 255
S350GD+AZ S350GD+AZ 345 Class1 SGLC490
S550GD+AZ S550GD+AZ 550 SGLC570

Galvalume Steel purchase — Wanzhi Steel

Wanzhi’s GL Steel process flow

Wanzhi’s Factory/Production Line

The Wanzhi factory is used for 8 production lines of different steel products, including two galvanizing production lines, one galvalume steel production lines, Annual output is 600,000 tons. It has stable inventories of regular specifications for galvanizing, color-coating and other products.

Wanzhi GL Steel quality

Wanzhi laboratory has Rockwell hardness tester, salt spray testing machine, Leaning Tower UV aging box, bending machine, double arm tensile testing machine, zinc layer tester and other testing equipment, not only can test the hardness of various coating products, weather resistance, mechanical properties, zinc layer thickness, etc., to ensure that Wanzhi produced products meet the standards, to provide customers with high quality and high standard products.

Service Case ——Win-win cooperation

We have a solid strength to provide you with high quality products and excellent service. You can contact us directly.

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