Metal carving board

What is Metal Carving Board ?

The surface of the Metal carving board is a high quality color relief facing metal plate treated by baking and painting process.the middle layer is a flame retardant treated hard and high-density polyurethane foam thermal insulation layer, and the bottom surface is an aluminum foil protective layer for heat insulation and moisture protection.

Metal carved board mainly has four core energy-saving technologies: special aluminized galvanized steel plate, rigid foamed polyurethane, reflective film and air layer.Because the wallboard itself has the characteristics of heat insulation, waterproof and flame retardant, light shock resistance, convenient construction, sound insulation and noise reduction, green environmental protection, beautiful and durable, and because the splicing method is simple and applicable, it is not limited by the seasonal environment.

Therefore, the installation and use is very safe and convenient, suitable for all seasons.This innovative exterior wall thermal insulation and decorative board highlights its absolute advantage.

Carved metal plate construction and use

Metal Carving Board Product Parameters

Projects Name Carved Metal Plate
Product parameter Thickness 16mm
Standard size L2800/3800mm * W380mm * T16mm
Weight 3.6 kg/m²
Material composition Surface coating HDP or PVDF Color Coating
Surface Material Galvanized 100g 0.3mm thick aluminized zinc plate
Core Material Rigid polyurethane foam
Zinc Coating Aluminium foil protective layer
Physical value Use full live 15-25 years
Fire rating B1
Waterproof class 0.08%
Salt spray resistance ≥ 100h
Wind resistance 8.0kpa
Heat-conducting system 0.018 W/m·K
Thermal resistance 2.09 m²k/w
Compressive strength 52.7kpa
Metal carving board structure
Metal Carving Board Composition diagram

Metal Carving Board Product Advantage

The product advantages of metal carving board mainly have the following points:

  1. Thermal insulation.
    Metal carved board can greatly reduce the energy consumption of heating and cooling and save energy expenditure.
  2. Waterproof and moistureproof.
    Because of its excellent structure and compact installation, it can avoid the damage caused by rain and snow.
  3. Fire and flame retardant.
    The surface of the metal carved board is a metal layer, the inner core is treated with flame retardant insulation layer, the bottom layer is fireproof and moistureproof aluminum foil, triple protection.
  4. Environmentally friendly and durable.
    Will not decompose mildew, flexible disassembly and re-use, easy to clean, durable.
  5. Shock resistance and crack prevention.
    Light weight, high strength, good impact resistance, installed in light steel structure buildings, the overall performance, please.
  6. Strong decoration.
    The combination of real relief patterns and rich colors give architectural design more room to play.

Why Choose Metal Carving Board ?

Metal carved board products have hundreds of relief patterns and color combinations.
The luxurious and beautiful decorative effect of the carved board makes the building show taste and taste. Its simple and flexible disassembly mode makes it easy to change the design and collocation of the wall.

The board is not only suitable for the thermal insulation decoration of external walls such as new brick-concrete layout, frame structure, steel structure and light houses, but also for the decoration and energy-saving renovation of existing buildings, as well as indoor and outdoor decoration.

Metal carving board
Metal carving board application

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