Hot Rolled Steel Sheet

Definition Of Hot Rolled Steel Sheet

Hot rolled steel Sheet is a kind of steel product rolled at high temperature. In the process of production, the billet is heated to a certain temperature, and then continuously rolled by a rolling mill, and finally the steel plate with the required thickness and width is obtained. The steel plate is flat and rectangular and can be rolled directly or cut from a wide steel strip.

Production of hot rolled steel sheet

Application Of Hot Rolled Steel Sheet

Hot-rolled steel sheet has good plasticity and processability, so it is widely used in construction, bridge, ship, automobile, machinery manufacturing and other fields.

In the field of construction, hot-rolled steel sheet is often used to make steel structures, beams, columns and other load-bearing members, which is favored because of its strong bearing capacity and good seismic performance.
In the field of automobile manufacturing, hot-rolled steel sheet is used to produce car body, chassis and other parts to meet the requirements of automobile lightweight and safety performance.

Hot Rolled Steel Products from China

Hot Rolled Steel Sheet&Plates Parameters

Item Parameters
Divided by edge state Cut edge: Q / does not cut edge: BQ
According to rolling accuracy high precision: A / ordinary precision: B
thickness 1.0 ~ 250 mm
Width 600 ~ 2500 mm (1000/1219/1250/2000/2500)
length 2000/2438/3000/6000/8000 mm
Mode of production Direct rolling; Hot rolled coil shear
Thickness classification Sheet   (≤ 3mm)
Middle plate   (4-20 mm)
Thick plate   (20-60 mm)
Extra thick plate   (≥ 60 mm)
Package Standard Export Package

Hot Rolled Steel Sheet&Plates Manufacturers

Wanzhi Steel is one of the top hot rolled coil manufacturers in China. We have a production factory in Shandong Province, China, near Qingdao Port. In addition to HR coils, we also sell cold-rolled coils, galvanized coils, color-coated coils and other steel products. Because the price of hot-rolled coil is lower than that of cold-rolled coil, it is very popular in many industrial applications, especially in steel frame basic projects.

Standard packing
steel transport sell

Wanzhi Steel has more than ten years of experience in export.We have provided help to customers from the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, America, Europe and other places. With a wealth of experience, we will help you choose the materials suitable for your project.
If you need more details, please contact us immediately!

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