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Production Serials For Integrated Insulation board

Wanzhi metal carved wallboard interior and exterior wall decoration insulation integrated board is not only suitable for new brick and concrete structure, frame structure, steel structure, light room and other types of building external wall insulation decoration, but also suitable for existing building decoration energy-saving transformation, as well as indoor and outdoor decoration.

The following is the metal carving decoration insulation integrated board series produced by Wanzhi company:

Brick Pattern Series

Brick pattern series - metal-carved-board

Bark/Wood Grain Series


Imitaion Stone Pattern Series


Spring Coated Pattern Series


Three Brick Series


Flat Series


Changtiao Stone Series


Water Ripple Series


Great Wall Plate Series


Common Product Scenarios

Metal carving decorative wallboard is a new-type building material-insulation and decoration multi-funtional panel. Because its inner layer is filled with polyurethane foam, also called PU foam insulated Metal carving decorative wallboard.
This PU Metal Carving Decorative Wall Sandwich Panel, is used for decoration and thermal-insulation or heat preservation projects for residential, commercial and industrial buildings, for example homes, schools, offices, factories and entertainment places etc.

PU foam thermal insulation metal carving decorative wallboard is an excellent material for building exterior wall decoration. Not only can it be used for decoration, the insulated PU foam in the panel can keep the building comfortably warm in cold winter days and cool in hot summer days, greatly reducing energy consumption.

The PU Metal Carving Decorative Wall Sandwich Panel is not only suitable for the newly set up brick-concrete structure, framework structure, steel structure, lightweight steel buildings, but also suitable for energy-saving refurbishment of the existing buildings.

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metal carved wallboard Application field

Chinese Metal caring wallboard supplier

In the Metal carving wallboard export, Wanzhi Group is an excellent company, our company has its own production line, providing dozens of styles, colors for customers to choose, customers can also customize their own products. We welcome customers from all walks of life to visit our factory and inquire for orders.

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