Colored Stone Metal Tile

Galvalume Colored Stone Metal Roofing Tile

Wanzhi Colored Stone metal tile is a new high-grade roofing material, which is produced by high technology, with aluminum-zinc plated steel plate with excellent anti-corrosion performance as the substrate, acrylic resin with strong weather resistance as the adhesive and colored natural gravel as the surface layer. Because of its beauty, lightness, durability and environmental protection, it has become an international roofing material product in recent years, and some domestic buildings have already started to use it.

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Colored stone Roof Tile Structure

Which kinds of Wanzhi Colored Stone Metal Tiles

Colored stone metal tile can be used for villa, apartment, workshop and other roofing, its structure is light, easy to cut and install, rich color, the use of natural basalt color sand, not easy to fade, not easy to fall off, can be repeated and recycled.
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Advantages of Colored Stone Metal Tiles

1、It has strong corrosion resistance and long service life.
2、Light weight, strong earthquake resistance and wind resistance.
3、High performance-to-price ratio and strong comprehensive cost advantage.
4、Economical and environmentally friendly, reusable.

Parameters of Colored Stone Metal Tile

Item Product parameter
Overall Size 1,340 * 420 mm
Effective Size 1,290 * 370 mm
Thickness 0.25 mm – 0.6 mm
Tile Weight 2.4-3.2 kg/piece
Popular Colors Forest green, black-red, garnet, charcoal, coffee brown, ocean blue, or as per your requirements
Tile per Square Meter 2.08 sheets
Common Profiles Roman profile; Bond profile; Shingle profile; Wood shake profile; Classical profile, Milano profile, etc.
Package 500-650 pieces/pallet; 8,000~10,000 pieces/20 feet container

Colored Stone Metal Tile Production

Tips For Installation

It may be difficult for beginners to install colored stone metal tiles. But with a few tricks, this process can also become so easy! Next, let’s solve this problem together.

  1. Choose the appropriate installation location.
    It is very important to choose the appropriate installation location. Before installation, be sure to check the drainage of the roof to ensure that there is no stagnant water under the tiles, so as to ensure the long-term use of tiles.
    2.Prepare your “armory”
    Before installation, be sure to prepare colored stone metal tiles, steel nails, hanging tiles and other materials. Planning the number of materials in advance will make you more comfortable in the installation process.
  2. Install tiles sequentially.
    When installing tiles, be sure to install them from bottom to top and from left to right. Each tile should be closely connected, and the joints should be tightly sealed with butyl waterproof tape so that your house is watertight.
  3. Check the nailing strength of steel nails.
    When installing steel nails, be sure to pay attention to the strength of the nails. It is not possible to be too tight and too loose, not only to ensure that the tiles will not fall, but also can not let the tiles deform.
  4. Comprehensive inspection.
    After the installation is complete, be sure to check it thoroughly. Check to see if the tiles are flat, arranged neatly, and whether the joints are sealed. If you find something wrong, adjust it quickly to make the overall effect more beautiful and durable.

Whether it is the main project or the corner project of accessories, under reasonable installation conditions, the service life of colored stone metal tiles can be up to 50 years, so the order and details of installation are very important, not the slightest carelessness.

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