Gl Roofing Sheet

What Is GL Roofing Sheet ?

The full name of GL roofing sheet is galvalume roofing sheet. GL roofing sheet is very similar to GI roofing sheet. GI is a steel plate coated with zinc layer on a metal substrate. GL steel’s anti-rust coating is an aluminum-zinc coating.

It uses a hot-dip plating technique to attach a tightly bonded aluminum-zinc alloy layer uniformly to the steel plate. This composite material has high corrosion resistance and can maintain its original appearance and performance in harsh environments for a long time. Secondly, aluminized zinc roofing panel has strong weather resistance.

GL Roofing Sheet  & panels

GL Roofing Panels

GL Roofing Sheet - GI Roofing Sheet

 Galvalume Roofing Sheet

GL Roofing Sheet Production Process

GL roofing Sheet production process is the same as GI roofing sheet, the base metal from galvanized steel sheet replaced by galvalume steel sheet

GL Roofing Sheet Argument

Item Product Parameter
Substrate GL
Thickness 0.12-2.0 mm
Width 600 ~ 1250 mm
Al-Zn Coating Thickness ≤ 275 g/m²
Surface treatment Passivation and fingerprint resistant treatment
Lenght As per your requirements
Advantage   Light weight, cost saving, easy to install, high quality materials, excellent durability, variety of styles and colors, fireproof flowers, environmental protection, and extreme weather resistance.
Package Standard Export Package

Galvalume Roof Panel Types

How Long Can The GL Roofing Sheet Last?

The combination of zinc and aluminum gives Galvalume boards better corrosion and heat resistance. The data show that if properly installed and regularly maintained, galvanized roofing panels can normally be used for 20 to 50 years, and can easily be used for more than 50 years. Many homeowners and businesses consider galvanized steel roofing to be a good option simply because of its impressive durability and extensive service life.

Roofing Panel

Roof Panel Apply

Install Roof Sheet

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GL Roofing Sheet Standard packing

Standard packing

GL Roofing Sheet package

Simple packaging

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