GI Roofing Sheet

What Is GI Roofing Sheet?

The full name of GI roofing sheet is galvanized roofing board; that is, a layer of zinc is plated on the steel plate to prevent corrosion, and the surface is galvanized, which can enhance its corrosion resistance and extend its service life to a certain extent.

The galvanized roof plate is composed of zinc layer and steel plate matrix, and the zinc layer can protect the steel plate matrix from corrosion. Due to its durability, rust resistance and affordability, GI roofing panels are commonly used for building roofs.

Galvanized corrugated board
Galvanized roofing board
Galvanized roofing sheet

What Is Standard Size Of GI Roofing Sheet?

Galvanized roof sheet - structure - GI roofing sheet
Item Product parameter
Product Name GI Roofing Sheet
Product Thickness 0.15 mm-0.8 mm
Zinc Coating Thickness 40 g/m2-275 g/m2
Overall Width 750 mm ~ 1,250 mm
Effective Width 600 mm ~ 1,050 mm
Profiles Wavy, Tiles, IBR, etc.
Spangles Big spangles, regular spangles, small spangles, zero spangles
Length As per your requirements
MOQ 10 tons or 500 pieces
Production Capacity 10000 Tons per Month
Package Standard Export Package

GI Roofing Sheet Production

Application Of GI Roofing Sheet

  1. all steel structure workshop frame
  2. single-sided color steel plate steel structure workshop
  3. Multi-span steel structure plant
  4. villa galvanized steel office
  5. cross color coated galvanized steel ceiling
  6. roof layer
  7. Large span plant, etc
Galvanized Roofing Sheet - gi roof board

Galvanized Roofing Sheet Characteristics

  1. Strong anti-corrosion: galvanized roof plate surface with zinc layer, can effectively resist atmospheric erosion and corrosive media damage.
  2. High durability: galvanized roof panel is not easy to be damaged by mechanical damage, and is not easy to be broken down by lightning.
  3. High aesthetics: the surface of galvanized roof plate is smooth and smooth, and the color is beautiful, so that the laid roof is more beautiful and generous.
  4. Convenient construction: Galvanized roof board has the advantages of light weight, flexible connection, convenient processing, etc., which can reduce the difficulty of engineering construction.

GI Roofing Sheet Production Storage

Galvanized Roofing Sheet Advantages

  1. Strong anti-corrosion performance: because there is a galvanized layer on the surface of galvanized roof panel, it can effectively prevent corrosion.
  2. High durability: galvanized roof panels are not easily damaged by mechanical pressure, and are not vulnerable to damage caused by lightning.
  3. Long service life: galvanized roof panel has a long service life, up to 50 years.
  4. Economical and practical: compared with other roofing materials, the cost of galvanized roof panel is lower.
  5. Easy construction: the galvanized roof panel has the advantages of uniform specification, light weight, convenient processing, simple and fast construction, and can greatly improve the construction efficiency.
GI Roofing Sheet Advantages

GI Roofing Sheet Advantages

To sum up, galvanized roof panel is a very important building material in building engineering, which has the advantages of anti-corrosion, durability and convenient construction, and has been widely used in building roofing, wall and other fields.

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