Cold Rolled Sheet

What Is Cold Rolled Steel?

Cold rolled steel is a hot-rolled steel that undergoes additional processing to improve its size and mechanical properties.
During cold rolling, the cooled hot-rolled steel passes through another series of rolls at room temperature.
Because the material is no longer hot and malleable, more pressure is needed to compress it into the desired shape.
Although this process is more labor-intensive and more expensive than the hot rolling process, it can achieve more accurate dimensions and better surface quality.

cold rolled steel plate

What Is Rolling?

Rolling is a kind of metal forming process; which uses a series of rollers to change shape, improve uniformity and enhance the mechanical properties of materials. Rolled steel can be divided into two types–hot-rolled steel and cold-rolled steel–which have different characteristics and are suitable for different applications. When selecting rolled steel materials for a project, it is important to understand the differences between the two types and how they affect their performance.

hot rolled process
cold rolled process

Differences Between Cold Rolled Steel & Hot Rolled Steel

The main difference between hot-rolled steel and cold-rolled steel lies in their processing methods.
Hot-rolled steel is rolled above the recrystallization temperature of the material, while cold-rolled steel is rolled below the recrystallization temperature of the material. Cold-rolled steel is essentially hot-rolled steel and is further processed in cold-rolled materials. Different grades and specifications of steel can be hot-rolled or cold-rolled. The difference between cold-rolled steel and hot-rolled steel is mainly in the following aspects:

Surface quality: the edges and surfaces of hot rolled steel are often rough and need decarburization or other treatment before they can be used in subsequent production operations. In contrast, the surface of cold-rolled steel is usually bright and smooth and can be directly used in production operations.

Material hardness: the steel produced by cold rolling process has higher strength and hardness than that produced by hot rolling process.

Internal stress: the higher the strength and hardness of the material brought by the cold rolling process, the greater the internal stress. These stresses must be eliminated before processing the material; otherwise, the final part or product may warp.

In conclusion, when evaluating the steel selection of a project, it is important to keep in mind that some materials are more effective than others in some uses.
Knowing which steel provides the right performance for a particular application can prevent excessive spending on raw materials and save time in the long run.

Cold Rolled Steel Sheet/Coil – Production Line

Cold Rolled Steel Sheet Parameter list

Item Product parameter
Product Name Cold Rolled Steel Sheet
Product Thickness 0.2-4.0 mm
Width 600-2000 mm
Length 2000-6000 mm
Element Content C (0.02%~0.1%)
Si (0.03%~0.8%)
Mn (0.25%~1.5%)
P (0.03%~0.06%)
S (0.02%~0.05%)
Common Brand Q195 SPCC SPCD SPCE ST12~15 DC01 DX51D
Production Capacity 10000 Tons per Month
Package Standard Export Package

Common Label Cold Rolled Sheet Parameters

Model Thickness (mm) Surface TUsereatment Use
SPCC 0.3-3.0 Surface untreated General purpose plate
SPCE 0.3-3.0 Surface untreated Deep drawing parts, punching parts
SPCD 0.3-3.0 Surface untreated Common cold-rolled plate
DC01 0.3-3.0 Surface treatment lubricating oil Household appliances, auto parts
DC03 0.3-3.0 Surface treatment lubricating oil Household appliances, auto parts
ST12 0.3-3.0 Surface treatment phosphating General purpose cold rolled sheet
ST13 0.3-3.0 Surface treatment phosphating Automobiles and household appliances

The above table shows the common cold rolling models and specifications, each corresponding to different sizes and parameters. These specifications and models are widely used in metallurgy, mechanical manufacturing, construction, automobile manufacturing and other fields.

Application Field Of Cold Rolled Steel Sheet

Cold rolled steel Sheet is widely used in the manufacturing of various types of metal products in the industrial field, such as automobiles, home appliances, machinery manufacturing, building materials, furniture and other fields, and has been widely used and recognized in product appearance, performance, material durability and environmental friendliness.

cold rolled steel sheet-Application-near me

Cold Rolled Steel Sheet Supplier

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