Classification of roofing panels

Roofing panels are panels that can directly withstand roof loads. Roof panels are located on the roof of the house and are generally made of aluminum, magnesium, manganese or metal alloys. After the roof panels are assembled on the sloping gable beams on the top floor of the house, the wing panels are lapped and covered so that vertical joints that see light do not appear on the multiple single box-type roof panels, forming a sloping roof with good integrity and playing the role of waterproofing and shading.

What types of roofing panels are there

According to the embossing pattern, it can be divided into original color hammer pattern Stucco (irregular embossing pattern) and Emboss (regular embossing pattern). Other categories are as follows:

First of all, according to the material, the roof panel has the following categories:

1: Color steel roofing panel — made of galvanized (or aluminum-plated zinc color steel);
2: Aluminum alloy roof panel — made of aluminum alloy plate;
3: Stainless steel roof panel — made of stainless steel plate;
4: Waterproof coil roofing panel – laid on the insulation material or color steel plate.

Color steel roofing panel
Color steel roofing panel
Aluminum alloy roofing panel
Aluminum alloy roof panel
Stainless steel roofing panel
Stainless steel roof panel

Secondly, according to the thermal insulation performance, it can be divided into the following categories:

1: Single-layer roof plate – the color steel plate through the roller molding of the pressed roof plate, this roof plate thickness is small, insulation performance is very poor, but the unit price is cheap.

2: sandwich roof board – is composed of two layers of waterproof color coating steel plate or other metal as a panel, in the middle of the injection of sandwich board material composite, commonly used sandwich materials are polystyrene, polyurethane and rock wool, this roof board insulation performance is good, but because of the need for factory processing, when the board length exceeds a certain requirement, transportation is more difficult.

3: on-site composite board – laying glass insulation wool on the construction site, the roof panel can be processed on site according to the length requirements, this roof board has good thermal insulation performance, the entire roof can be no lap, convenient transportation, but there are certain requirements for the construction party.

Single-layer roofing plate
Single-layer roof plate
Sandwich roofing panels
Sandwich roofng panels

Finally, divide in a fixed way:

1: Screw penetration type – by tapping screws directly through the roof plate fixed on the purlin.

2: Hidden button type — the surface is without screws, and the roof plate is fastened on the support fastener through processing and tolerances.

3: Occlusal type I — the surface roof plate is connected with the support through the curling method, but the panel can slide relatively between the panel and the panel and between the panel and the support.

4: Occlusal type II — the surface roof plate is connected with the support through the curling method, but the panel and the panel, the panel and the support can not be relative sliding.

The difference between roofing panels and floor panels

The main function of the roof panel is to form the enclosure space of the building with the external wall and the ground, and play the role of thermal insulation, weather-proof, sun-proof, waterproof and so on. As the outermost protective layer, in order to better prevent rust and corrosion, color coated steel is often used as the base material.

The main function of the floor panel is to vertically separate the space in the building. From the structural bearing, the roof panel mainly bears the load of the board weight, suspended ceiling, leveling layer, insulation layer, waterproof layer, rain and snow, ash accumulation, maintenance, etc., and often has the load of planting roof, water storage roof, water tank room, elevator room, stairwell, HVAC equipment room, awning, architectural decoration. Its load composition is mainly permanent load.

Roofing panels and Floor panels
Roofing panels & Floor panels

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