Binding Technology Of Column Reinforcement

Column Reinforcement Lashing Technique

1. Column reinforcement Process flow:

Connection of vertical load-bearing bars → drawing of stirrup spacing line → setting column stirrup → binding stirrup

2. The connection mode of stress-bearing reinforcement must meet the design requirements.

3. Draw the stirrup spacing line:

On the vertical reinforcement of the column, mark the stirrup spacing line with chalk according to the drawing requirements.

4. Stirrup of column sleeve:

According to the spacing required by the drawing, calculate the number of stirrups of each column. Firstly, the stirrup shall be set on the lap bar extended at the lower layer, and then the column reinforcement shall be erected. Within the overlapping length, there shall be no less than 3 buckles, and the binding buckles shall be toward the center of the column.

If the main reinforcement of the column is overlapped with plain round reinforcement, the angle of the corner hook and the formwork shall be 45 ° and 90 ° respectively.

Column Reinforcement - Building reinforcement
Building reinforcement

5. Column stirrup binding

(1) According to the position line of the stirrup, move the stirrup which has been set up upward and bind it from top to bottom. It is better to bind it with wrapping buckle.

(2) The stirrup and the main reinforcement should be vertical, the intersection of the stirrup corner and the main reinforcement should be bound, and the intersection point of the main reinforcement and the non corner part of the stirrup should be bound in a plum blossom staggered manner.

(3) The overlapping position of stirrup hook shall be staggered along the vertical reinforcement of column and bound firmly.

(4) In areas with seismic requirements, the end of column stirrup shall be bent to 135 ° and the length of straight part shall not be less than 10d (D is stirrup diameter). If the stirrup adopts 90 ° lap joint, the lap joint shall be welded, and the weld length of single side weld shall not be less than 5D.

In short, in the lashing of columns and bars, it is necessary to pay attention to details, pay attention to skills, ensure safety, and strictly control the quality of lashing to ensure the overall safety of the building.

Column Reinforcement Binding Requirement

Column reinforcement strapping requirements
Column reinforcement strapping condition
  1. Binding position: The column body and top must be bound. The binding position should be on the inside of the sloped surface above and below the column, the distance from the top plate should not be less than 200mm, the distance from the bottom of the column should not be less than 150mm, to facilitate the cutting and connection of the steel bar, and to ensure that the binding is firm.
  2. Binding method: The binding should adhere to the four-word principle, that is, “tight, flat, fast”. The binding of the rebar needs to be carried out at the position of the connection of the rebar; the two rebars are set in a ring; and then they are tightly twisted into a circle with the binding wire; and the two ends are left with enough length, not to fall off or loose.
  3. Binding cable material: Galvanized iron wire or threaded steel bar is recommended. These materials not only have good plasticity, but also have the advantages of strong corrosion resistance.

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