3000 Tons PPGI Coils Project In Libya

Customers in Libya ordered 3,000 tons of PPGI coils from Wanzhi Steel. The coils will be shipped to Libya in batches. Before the shipment, we have developed a comprehensive logistics plan to ensure that the customer’s color steel coil can reach the Libyan customer safely and on time. In addition, we already have a strong partnership with our Libyan clients, with whom we have traded more than 15 times since 2024.

We are very grateful to our customers in various countries for their recognition of us, and they are also very satisfied with the price and quality of our company’s color steel coils.

The first batch of customer products is loaded

We are committed to serving every customer who comes to Wanzhi Steel. Since 2011, Wanzhi Steel has provided more than 2 million tons of steel to customers around the world. We welcome customers all over the world to visit our factory. If you are looking for steel products and have an order plan, please contact us immediately! It’s free.

Our company’s first batch of color steel coil has been shipped to Libya on time, the customer is still very satisfied with the quality of this product, and said that they will maintain long-term stable cooperation with Wanzhi.

The PPGI Coils Meaning

PPGI is the abbreviation of pre painted galvanized iron. Due to its beautiful appearance, excellent anti-corrosion performance, long service life and other characteristics. PPGI coil has become a very popular steel metal in the steel market. Often, you can use it to produce roofing panels and appliances. In addition, it is also widely used in construction, home applications, warehouses, transportation and other fields. If you want to learn more about PPGI rolls, read on! Or ask us directly.

We generally use galvanized steel plates as the base material to manufacture color steel coils. In the production of color steel coils, we often go through surface pretreatment, apply several layers of organic paint, and then dry.

You can choose the color, thickness and width according to your project requirements. Of course, we offer all RAL colours for your reference. If you want to customize the color steel coil, please let us know and send us a sample. We will customize the corresponding product for you. This time, the Libyan customer sent us the sample before placing the order, and we produced the required products for the customer in strict accordance with the sample specifications. No matter what needs, we will meet the customer!

Why do so many customers choose PPGI Coils ?

Color steel coil has the advantages of light weight, rich color, corrosion resistance, wide use, etc., its use is very wide, in the building decoration industry, color steel coil is widely used in all kinds of building exterior wall, interior wall, roof, curtain wall and other parts, at the same time can be used as building decoration materials, make the building more beautiful. Others are also widely used in furniture, home appliances, transportation and other industries.

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ppgi coils price in china
ppgi coils uses

All in all, because  PPGI coils has a variety of advantages, the demand for color coated rolls in various fields is large. In the future, I believe that the application of color coated coil will be more and more extensive, Wanzhi company will continue to improve the quality of steel coil, to meet your various needs. We believe that our color coated rolls can bring you more economic benefits.

How to import steel products from China?

There are many steel-related manufacturers, exporters and traders in China. When you plan to buy steel products from China, I think choosing a manufacturer (supplier) is your best bet. Control the product from the source to ensure that everything is under control and avoid unnecessary problems.

In contrast, Wanzhi Steel will be your first choice. As an excellent exporter and manufacturer, Wanzhi Steel has its own factory in Binzhou, Shandong Province. In our factory, we have 8 steel production lines, including galvanized steel, aluminum plated zinc steel production lines and color coated steel production lines. In addition, we have our own quality control laboratory, with strict quality testing equipment to control the quality of steel. Our PPGI volumes have won unanimous praise from customers in many countries. If you would like to import steel related metals from China, please contact us for competitive prices, and we also welcome you to visit our factory.


Our company has always been committed to providing customers worldwide with a full range of quality services, steel products that are satisfactory to all parties. We keep our customers informed of logistics progress on a weekly basis. After the steel products arrive at the port, we will provide relevant documents and notify customers in time to prepare for customs clearance and delivery. Color steel coil is one of our main products, we can provide you with suitable and cheap product prices.

ppgl - ppgi coils packing

Steel coil packing diagram

If you have any questions, please contact us, we are always there.

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