Effect of element content on properties of cold rolled sheet

The content range of various elements common in cold rolled plate, and their respective roles

Cold rolled sheet is usually used in the manufacture of steel structures, furniture, electrical appliances, metallurgical equipment and so on. The common element content in cold rolled sheet has the following effects on the performance:

  1. Carbon content: the higher the carbon content, the greater the hardness and tensile strength, but it will also lead to the decrease of iron toughness, easy to crack and affect the service life of cold-rolled plate. Therefore, low carbon steel plate should be selected when manufacturing components with high impact load.
  2. Silicon content: the increase of silicon content will improve corrosion resistance and hardness, but reduce weldability and toughness. The silicon content should be increased appropriately when manufacturing components with high heat resistance and corrosion resistance.
  3. Manganese content: the increase of manganese content can increase the hardness and tensile strength, but also reduce the toughness and weldability. In the manufacture of high strength steel plate, the manganese content should be increased appropriately, but for the components requiring toughness and weldability, low manganese steel plate should be selected.
  4. Phosphorus content: the increase of phosphorus content will increase hardness and brittleness, which is helpful for the manufacture of components with hardness requirements, but it will also reduce plasticity and toughness, so low-phosphorus steel plates should be selected for components requiring toughness and plasticity.
  5. Sulfur content: the increase of sulfur content can improve the easy-cutting performance of iron, but reduce the plasticity and toughness of cold-rolled plate. When manufacturing components with cutting requirements, the sulfur content should be increased appropriately.
cold rolled sheet

How to select cold rolled steel ?

The element content of the cold rolled sheet will affect its performance and use, so the appropriate element content should be selected according to the specific working environment and project requirements. When selecting cold-rolled steel plates, we should fully take into account all aspects, such as its tensile strength, toughness, weldability, easy processability and surface quality, and combine the actual situation of our own project, as well as the amount of funds to be prepared. to ensure that it can meet the needs of practical work and not waste resources.

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