What Is Metal Corrugated Sheet?

Corrugated sheet definition

Corrugated sheet is a general term, can be metal plate. It can also be plastic board, cardboard, here we are referring to the metal plate; is any type of steel plate, by forcing a series of alternating grooves and ridges on it to strengthen the steel plate used in construction. In theory, this means any metal roof or wallboard. However, industry insiders generally define corrugated metal plates as metal roofs or panels with S-shaped and circular corrugations.

Color coated corrugated board

Characteristics of corrugated sheet

Corrugated board is a kind of metal plate with wave shape by rolling, and its structure is mainly made of steel plate and corrugation. The traditional shapes of corrugated sheet metal are round and wavy. The utility model has the advantages of low cost, light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, beauty, energy saving, long service life and easy installation.

Corrugated metal roofs are an excellent substitute for asphalt, clay or asbestos roofs. The durability of corrugated sheet makes them suitable for metal roofs and metal panel projects, suitable for both commercial and ordinary residential applications. They are even used in other areas of the family, including ceilings, parapet panels, fences and so on.

The installation process of corrugated sheet

  1. Measurement and design.
    First of all, the size of the installation area should be determined, and the detailed measurement should be carried out, and then the construction plan should be planned according to the design drawings.
  2. Preparatory work.
    The preparatory work is very important. We should first clean up the construction area to ensure that the foundation is smooth and clean, and do the relevant safety protection work well.
  3. Construction framework.
    The braced frame structure should be installed at the beginning of construction to ensure its firmness and stability.
    The design of the frame should take into account the weight and load of the corrugated aluminum plate.
  4. Layout and positioning.
    Then the layout is carried out on the frame to determine the installation position and direction of the corrugated aluminum plate.
  5. Cutting and machining.
    In irregular areas, corrugated aluminum plates should be cut and machined according to actual needs to adapt to the shape and size of various areas.
  6. Waterproof treatment.
    In the case of roof coverage, waterproof treatment should be carried out to ensure that the building structure will not be affected in Rain Water weather.
    This may involve steps such as the installation of the waterproof layer, which should be installed according to the actual needs.
  7. Install corrugated aluminum sheet.
    After that, the processed corrugated aluminum plate is fixed on the frame, usually with screws or other appropriate fixtures.
    Make sure that the plates are tightly connected to prevent the infiltration of water.
  8. Check and adjust.
    After completing the installation of the aluminum plate, check to ensure that each plate is installed correctly and there are no defects.
    Adjust the plate according to the needs and try your best to be beautiful and solid.
  9. Cleaning and maintenance.
    At the end of the construction, it is necessary to clean up the construction site, dispose of waste materials, and maintain corrugated aluminum panels.
    Maintenance may include regular cleaning and coating protection to extend the service life of corrugated aluminum plates.
  10. Acceptance and completion.
    Finally, the final acceptance is carried out to ensure that the project meets the requirements of the design and specifications, and then the whole project is completed.
corrugated sheet metal

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