The worries of new customers

What new customers are worried about?

1. Trust issues: Foreign trade goods, especially bulk foreign trade, trust in dealers is the key to the success of a project. Without trust, customers will definitely not dare to place orders.

2. Price issue: Preferential and appropriate prices are the driving force for customers to place orders.

3. Production cycle: For new customers, the faster the project is completed, the sooner the worries are eliminated, but an overly fast commitment cycle is less reliable.

Our steel factory — Wanzhi Steel

In addition to the above problems, there are many other aspects that will affect customers ‘orders. However, at Wanzhi, customers can be completely assured that we have more than ten years of experience in bulk foreign trade, and our sales team is very professional and patient. If you need steel products for a project and are looking for a reliable dealer, then Wanzhi steel is a very good choice. Looking forward to your inquiry and visit.

Zimbabwe 50 Tons of color roll coil

A project that normally takes less than 45 days to be completed takes three months to reach the customer. The goods arrive in Durban normally. What caused the time to take so long?

Zimbabwean customers are buying steel products in China for the first time, lack experience in importing bulk products from China, and local taxation is in a period of reform. Customers need to go through many procedures and have to go through multiple procedures. Many times, due to incomplete preparation, they need to go through one procedure three times, which wastes a lot of time.

customers approval praise

Praise from Zimbabwean customers

Color coated roll storage

Customers will be very anxious every time an accident occurs, which is understandable, because time is money. The product is obtained one day later, the project starts one day later, and the storage costs one day more. However, due to lack of relevant experience, accidents occur frequently. This process is very strenuous and is also a major blow to the customer’s mentality. At this time, our sales staff have been actively cooperating and responding in a timely manner. Even when there are no problems, they will continue to care and greet. Reduce customer anxiety and promise to accompany customers to deliver products to customers.

The patience and carefulness of the sales staff have gained the company a new loyal customer and an import company for China’s foreign trade. Also very grateful to logistics staff Jane for her active cooperation.

The Loading Process At Wanzhi

Color roll coil Manufacturers & suppliers

PPGI/PPGL Steel Coil

PPGI/PPGL Coil-Production line-Customer visit

Wanzhi Steel Company is a steel manufacturer and distributor. We have a steel manufacturing factory located in Binzhou, Shandong Province, China, close to Qingdao, Yantai, Weihai and other Chinese port cities. Convenient sea transportation provides customers with fast transportation of steel products. way. Wanzhi Steel Company not only produces color-coated rolled steel, but also produces galvanized and aluminum-zinc steel, as well as corrugated plates, metal carved plates, etc. If you have any steel needs, you can contact us.

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